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What are we all playing this weekend? – deuZige's Weird Wacky Web v34.1b

What are we all playing this weekend?

The face of a girl with wide eyes and wearing a flower wreath can be seen amid a circling vine housing elves or imps. From the book 'An old fairy tale: the sleeping beauty'

As I write this it is very, very hot, and I am not dealing with this fact very well. I’m not entirely sure that it is the weekend, actually, because apparently it is now August? I’m sorry, there must be some mistake. It has been March for about ten years now.

Luckily, because time is standing still, we have a lot of time to play all the video games our tiny hearts desire! We have a goodly spread of titles this week, with more than a few being drawn to diddy survival game Grounded. Ants. So hot right now. Like me.


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